Friday, August 27, 2010

Georgia Peaches

It feels like summer The peaches are finally ripe.  I will never forget the first year after we planted our bare root trees.  I was so excited to see little green peaches growing.  My niece and my son were three and I stepped outside to check on them and they were picking the little green fruit and throwing it as far across the yard as they could.  Then the sound they made was pure joy.  They were laughing with delight.  How could I get mad?  They said, "Look how good we can throw".   Turns out, if you pick your green fruit for the first couple of years you will never have a shortage of fruit again.  Those trees have been the best trees ever!  Thanks Zac and Morgan!

Look at how beautiful our jam turned out.  I used the recipe on the box of sur-gel except I doubled it.  They tell you not to double jams because they won't turn out, but they do,  Every Year perfect jam.  I double the lemon juice because I like the results.  This year I tried a new product called True Lemon.

It worked out fabulous.  Jam is a funny thing and if the liquid content is not perfect it won't set.  Because I double the lemon juice I usually reduce some of the fruit liquid.  Problem solved with True lemon.

Try your jam on homemade bread.  Here is one of my favorites from Sister's Cafe

And the best for last, we love Greek Yogurt with our peach jam.  This has become breakfast in our house.  We make it on Sunday night and have yogurt all week long.  It is so great!!!  Yum.  My kids won't even eat regular store bought yogurt anymore.  Here is how to do it.  (sorry, it gets eaten way to fast for photos.)

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